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In 2011, Coaches Rodrick Harrison and Brian Scott partnered with Mount Zion Baptist Christian School, to form Mt. Zion Prep (MZP) School. Having coached with local schools and AAU programs in the Baltimore area, these natives witnessed many young athletes fall through the cracks. Together, they channeled their passion for sports and community to develop MZP. This program enables them to help athletes who may only require more time, attention, training, and coaching to reach their full potential.

Our Commitment

MZP is committed to enhancing self-confidence, building character, developing leadership skills and other fundamental principles that will enable young men to excel both on the court and off the court.

Our Goals

To provide a platform for student athletes to be seen by college coaches.
To provide expertise and guidance so student athletes know what it takes to play basketball at the next level.
To educate players about their value and responsibility as student athletes and young men.
To encourage student athletes to be leaders on the court and within their communities.
To encourage student athletes to practice good decision-making skills on the court and in life.

Player's Commitment

Give 110% every time you step into the classroom and onto the court.
Respect your coaches, teammates MZP staff, and their affiliates.
Have an open mind and willingness to change your way of thinking.
Receive constructive feedback and make improvements.
Practice good decision making on the court, amongst your peers, and in life.
Focus on your end goal(s), align your actions and decisions accordingly.



Mt. Zion Prep delivers a personalized educational experience for each of our student-athletes; we provide academic support to all student-athletes through our ACT/SAT prep classes, core course recovery for post-grad students, and a non-traditional academic program for our incoming High School students. This approach will allow our student-athletes to maximize their educational experience as well as their athletic experience while here at Mt. Zion Prep.


Mt. Zion Prep is an independent prep program that competes on a national level. Our teams have competed in the National Prep Showcase as well as the National Prep School Invitational. We boast a 30+ game schedule against some of the top prep schools in the nation. We have an elite coaching staff with experience coaching players on a high level. Our athletic program’s goal is to give student-athlete the skills training and basketball knowledge to be able to compete on the next level. We teach this through daily practices, daily skill development training, and a weekly training regimen. Through our schedule and practices, our kids will be seen by over 150 college coaches and scouts throughout the year.


Our student-athletes who require room and board will reside in Steiner Hall. Steiner Hall is a newly renovated dormitory located on campus. Steiner Hall has 3 floors, on the 2nd and the 3rd floors there are 6 suites which have 3 rooms in each suite. Each suite also has a bathroom with a toilet, shower, and a double vanity also in the suites is a kitchenette with a microwave and refrigerator. The rooms are college style and sleep 2 players per room. The rooms feature two desks, two dressers, and a shared closet for additional storage space. The 2nd and 3rd floors also have a lounge area for the athletes to relax. The 1st floor of Steiner Hall is equipped with additional living space as well as a computer center and a coin-operated washer and dryer room.